Tree Hive

Sweet & Syrupy Strategies

The Mission

Creative Combat, Corporate Buyers & The Battle For Shelf Space

Tree Hive Syrup is an Austin, Texas-based startup with a super-sweet business - combining honey and syrup together. Tree Hive uses four ancient ingredients, blended to perfection - maple syrup, honey, bourbon vanilla, and cinnamon. The taste is amazing, and you can find Tree Hive at boutique retailers around Austin and at some of the hottest restaurants in the city. As Tree Hive grows in popularity, the owners are pushing for shelf space at major grocery stores. Pitching for that space is a battle. So, Tree Hive brought on Hooligan’s creative team for marketing design and production. Considering we like our drinks poured stiff here in Texas, the obvious first step: A taste test with bourbon.

(Spoiler alert... it's pure magic.)

applied chops

Preproduction / Inspiration / Discovery Phase / Competitive Analysis / Branding & Identity /  Creative copy / Package design(s) / Product Analysis / Product label design / custom photography / content creation/ in-store Visualization

The Execution

Embracing Authenticity & Tree Hive's Homegrown Roots

We used the essence of Tree Hive's original hybrid blend of syrup + honey to guide us through what would be a fun and collaborative process. Tree Hive, like many local food and beverage companies, has humble beginnings. We wanted to marry the organic, family oriented vibe of the company to the very products they're producing and growing into. They were on the verge of releasing new products and sizes when requesting our help. Hooligan decided to honor the original blend by maintaining much of it's look and feel but still implementing more vibrant colors. This was a huge part of the win and would inspire iterations for other labels in the lineup. The real wizardry was in creating new bottle designs and creative collateral that was cohesive across the board, that respected company roots, while anticipating growth in the new lines of product to come. 

The Result

Better Together Than Apart™

Hooligan got in the creative trenches with Tree Hive to design aesthetics for the future of their product line up. Collaboration resulted in super slick and very scalable designs for upcoming products rolling out. It's easy to push pixels and make something look cool, but the functional part of design is what unleashes real value. We embraced it all - label re-designs, new product designs, media kits, to floor space marketing renders. Tree Hive isn't just dressed to impress, but creatively armed to stand out and dominate in the battle for shelf space. A lot of hard work and late night sessions, all worth it - ultimately has lead to growth for Tree Hive partnerships, shelf space gains and even selling out on Amazon. Pretty sweet huh? ;)

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