Relay Sports

United Through Sport

The Mission

Design & Develop An App To Unite Sports Enthusiasts World-Wide  

A six-pack of Heineken and an idea was brought to us with a mission to “unite the world through sport”. We were pitched on the concept and Hooligan decided to collaborate with the founder from the very start to help him realize his dream of a startup in sports. Creating an MVP of this magnitude without a large round raised was no light task. We love a good challenge and with some know-how and elbow grease the goal of bridging tech and sports while reaching a global market in this genre was a challenge we gladly agreed to tackle.

applied chops

Preproduction / Inspiration / Discovery Phase / Competitive Analysis / Identify Hurdles & Potential Pitfalls / Environment(s) Setup / Sprint Prep / Early Stage Testing / Branding & Identity / Responsive Design / Front End Development / Back End Development / Platform Integrations / UI Motion / iconography / Platform Additions / UI+UX / Prototyping / Monetization strategy / Product Deployment & Launch / marketing tactics

The Execution

Props, Relays, & Technology With Reach

Since the idea was for attendees at sporting events to post pics and videos to share with fans worldwide - only action shots…no selfies - we collaborated with Relay to create a new kind of sports app. The nature of the build would target native iOS users, early adopters, and a younger demographic. The ability to post content, ways to control that content via admin, and ultimately ways to share outside of Relay were implemented and deployed. (Remember: Sharing is caring.) The goal wasn't just to target one sport - it was to bring an unbiased array of sport content, plays, interests, and genres together. The idea being everything from a local pick-up basketball game to little league baseball to college and pro sports alike.

The Result

Props, Relays, & A Variety Of Content

We knew out of the gate that “viable” in MVP meant a stellar design, sound functionality, and an intuitive interface - all within a limited budget. The concept was developed - a fan had the ability to "relay" his/her seat view to other fans and friends. Consumed in chronological order, the concept promised to deliver a solid experience for sports fans unable to attend live events - see great plays, game highlights, and new talent directly from their mobile device. Posts from Latin America and across the United States poured in. We’re excited to have delivered a home run (pun, intended) for our client and partner.