Cavallo Auto Salon

Never LAcking Luster

The Mission

Deliver a responsive website worthy of the elite-level services that Jason Cavallo and his team bring to Houston’s finest vehicles

Cavallo Auto Salon in Houston, Texas pampers some of the rarest and most exotic cars in the world. Part of a group of five businesses working out of a 70,000 square-foot, climate controlled, ultra-secured facility, Cavallo was looking to showcase their talents and exclusive products, along with some of their client’s incredible rides inside a re-worked and more modern web presence. Hooligan was brought in for creative, design, and development services for Cavallo.

applied chops

Preproduction / Inspiration / Discovery Phase / Competitive Analysis / Identify Hurdles & Potential Pitfalls / Environment(s) Setup / Sprint Prep / Early Stage Testing / Branding & Identity / Responsive Design / Platform Integrations / UI Motion / Iconography / Platform Additions / UI+UX / Prototyping / Product Deployment & Launch

The Execution

Restoration, Dedication, and Attention To Details

Cavallo didn't just want a web wax job. They came to us for a complete overhaul and restoration of their interface. After acquisition of custom photography, we knew we had the ability to really wow both Cavallo and his customers. We designed and implemented a new experience to deliver a completely new and exciting look for the Cavallo brand online. With a company so incredibly dedicated to their craft, it was important to emphasize final results of the services while also showing 'before and after' imagery of the beautiful rides they service. We decided to run with a minimalist approach to push ultra slick interface elements, modern lines, and vast sections that would allow the work to speak for itself. So we did just that.

The Result

Reflections That Reflect Unrivaled Polish

It's easy to show an array of luxury car images but a whole other animal converting rare car owners and enthusiasts into loyal customers. Cavallo already had a reputation for being the best, but collaboratively we needed to deploy a site with prestigious presence.  These guys are specialists and it was time to let their work speak for itself.

Through custom sections like "The Show Room" and creating a story behind who and what they're about, we managed to successfully deliver an experience that had the polish (pun-intended) that Cavallo puts into everything they do. With an increasing customer base and new ways to market certifications, capabilities, and book services, Cavallo's online presence has more than fresh coat of functionality - it's a useful tool to serve customers and funnel new business.