Game Changing Chat Bot

The Mission

Build a powerful, custom, user friendly chat bot for gamers and streamers alike

Botisimo in its infancy had already identified some unbelievable gaps in the gaming & streaming market where users were being underserved with low grade and/or poorly supported chat tools. Seeing that we're gamers ourselves we quickly understood the issues at hand and couldn't wait to help Botisimo creatively solve problems that would make it stand out and ultimately pioneer a whole new market in itself. 

(CBaaS) Chat Bot As A Service 
Kick some ass Sea Bass!

applied chops

Preproduction / Inspiration / Discovery Phase / Competitive Analysis / Identify Hurdles & Potential Pitfalls / Environment(s) Setup / Sprint Prep / Early Stage Testing / Branding & Identity / Responsive Design / Front End Development / Back End Development / Platform Integrations / UI Motion / iconography / Platform Additions / UI+UX / Prototyping / Monetization strategy / product Deployment & Launch / marketing tactics

The Execution

Evaluate, select, & implement a scalable tech stack to support multiple leading streaming platforms.

After some prepro and steady design + dev sprints we could see it all coming together seamlessly. We released a beta version and iterated from there. At this point we had armed ourselves with cool, yet edgy and iconic branding. Put it all together and what we landed on was nothing short of amazing. Not only were we collectively able to vastly increase the valuation of Botisimo, but its user base organically grew on sheer value to the customer alone. Taking something as complex as custom bot automation and building a simple and useful experience around it had shown us a clear path with minimalism as our compass.

The Result

Beta to "Be A Bot It" and beating the competition.

Together we launched a stellar web app with complex capabilities and received incredibly positive feedback from users day one. Like any piece of valuable tech, we continued to adapt and iterate based on user feedback and requests vs. just pushing a product and hoping for the best (that method is useless). Listen, revise, repeat. Through such processes, layered with strategic growth campaigns, word of mouth and other underground methods, we've on-boarded thousands and have even since implemented in-app POS & P2W membership upgrades/tiers and product gamificiation. Seriously, check it out. We couldn't be more proud of this partnership.

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