Game Changing Chat Bot

The Mission

Keep it simple. Design with purpose.

Botisimo had already identified some unbelievable gaps in the gaming & streaming market where other bots were fragmented and users were being underserved. As the only cross-platform chat bot suite in it's class, numbers were vastly increasing, and it was time to enhance the overall aesthetic.

applied chops

Preproduction / Discovery / Competitive Analysis / Branding & Identity / Creative Design / Motion / iconography / UI+UX / Prototyping / tactics

The Execution

Creating for Cross-Platform Performance

After some prepro and steady sprints, it all came together smoothly. We released a beta version and iterated from there. As gamers ourselves, it was important to us that we represent the culture and take advantage of the creative freedom that comes with the territory. Edgy branding mixed with clean lines and vibrant colors ultimately did the trick.

The Result

Beta to Bold, Edgy and Beautiful

Together we iterated multiple versions and delivered a stellar web app with complex capabilities and received incredibly positive feedback from users day one.

Listen, revise, repeat. We continued to adapt and iterate based on feedback. Through such processes, layered with organic growth, strategic partnerships, word of mouth and other tactics, we've bootstrapped a seriously cool piece of tech for gamers and streamers, alike. We couldn't be more proud of this partnership.

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